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People expect to be able to book their tickets online...
They can make all of their travel arrangements online regardless of how they choose to travel, air, sea, rail or road. They can book accommodation ranging from the humble B & B through to the best five star hotel. Now they want to know why they can't book their tickets for your attraction online.

People expect to book their tickets when they choose...
17.2% of people book their attraction tickets on Saturdays and Sundays and 32% of people book their tickets before 9am or after 5pm. These people want to know why they can't book their tickets to your attraction at the time that suits them.

Do people really buy attraction tickets online...
Yes, during October 2008 one of our attractions sold 1,050 tickets online worth a total of £11,050. This is a typical medium size attraction. Within a month of joining their online sales made up 17.6% of their business.

So are there any other reasons to sell tickets online...
Yes, if you sell your tickets online you will sell more, get the commitment of your customers earlier, get paid sooner, build an invaluable marketing database, reduce the time spent selling tickets by phone or in person plus many many more.

Why do I need Affiliates...
Would you like your tourist board, local hotels, airlines, airports, other attractions and travel websites all to be promoting your attraction. If the answer is yes then thats why you need Affiliates.

What you need is
for Attractions
for Affiliates
Advanced ecommerce solution for tourism attractions to sell online.
Quickly and easily add a full functional shopping cart to your existing website.
No software to install, No worries about backups, security, etc.
Flexible ticket types design to suit all types of businesses.
Realtime consolidation of sales through multiple channels.
Manage your online ticket shop 24/7 through an advanced web based control panel.
Increased sales through the network of affiliates.
Aimed at Tourist Boards, Portals, Airports, Airlines, Hotels and anyone else whose website has tourism traffic.
Make additional revenue out of your existing website visitors by hosting our ticket screen.
You receive commission on every sale generated through your website.
Control the geographic region and type of tickets that your promote.
Facility to stop competitors being promoted through your website.
Online reports and statistics to monitor clicks and sales.
Single monthly payment regardless of the number of attractions you promote.
FREE Affiliate Sign-Up.

Accepted payment methods - VISA, MasterCard, VISA Electron and Delta

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